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Get ready to elevate your microwave game with our curated selection of the best microwave shelves on the market. From sleek designs to easy installation, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth review of these innovative products. Dive into our roundup and discover the perfect addition to your kitchen!

The Top 10 Best Microwave Shelves

  1. 4-Tier Microwave Shelf with Side Hooks for Kitchen Utilities — Keep your kitchen tidy and organized in style with the SMILE MART 4-Tier Microwave Stand Cart, featuring classic grey design and versatile storage options for all your kitchen essentials.
  2. Compact Microwave Cart with Drawer for Easy Storage — The Hodedah HIK77 Microwave Cart, Chocolate Grey, offers modern kitchen storage with a cabinet and drawers, making it a convenient and versatile solution for storing appliances, utensils, and other essentials.
  3. Modern 3-Tier Microwave Storage Cart with S-Hooks for Kitchen Appliances — Experience versatile storage with the Mr Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart, offering a sturdy top-shelf for microwaves, a coffee maker, and more while featuring S-shaped hooks for easy tool storage, all within an elegant, multi-functional design.
  4. Convenient Microwave Storage Cart for Small Kitchens — Transform your kitchen or office space with the Hodedah Microwave Kitchen Cart, offering functional storage for your appliances and convenient mobility with wheels and lockable casters.
  5. Kitchen Microwave Stand Storage Rack with Adjustable Leg Pads — This versatile 3-tier Microwave Stand storage rack offers ample space, easy assembly, and sturdy construction, making it an attractive and functional addition to any kitchen workstation.
  6. FORABAMB Microwave Stand with Power Outlets & Hooks — Elevate your kitchen with the versatile FORABAMB Bakers Rack, featuring 6-tier microwave storage, sturdy bamboo construction, and power outlets for all your appliances.
  7. ODK Bakers Rack with Power Outlet — 5-Tier Coffee Bar & Microwave Stand, Black — Transform your kitchen into an organizational dream with the ODK Bakers Rack, featuring a power outlet for easy appliance placement and a coffee bar for stylish storage, all within a sturdy and reliable design.
  8. Kitchen Standing Baker’s Rack with Microwave Shelf — The Soges Kitchen Standing Baker’s Rack offers ample storage for various kitchen appliances and accessories, while its sturdy build and multifunctionality make it a versatile and attractive addition to any kitchen or workspace.
  9. Industrial Microwave Stand with Versatile Shelving and Coffee Bar — Transform your kitchen with this versatile Rustic Brown Kitchen Bakers Rack, boasting adjustable feet, industrial-style stand, and ample storage for your microwave oven, toaster, and snacks, all on durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant materials.
  10. Industrial 8-Tier Microwave Stand with Power Outlets and Storage Shelves — Organize your kitchen with the 8-Tier Tribesigns Bakers Rack, featuring handy power outlets and 300 lbs load capacity for all your appliances and seasonings.

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4-Tier Microwave Shelf with Side Hooks for Kitchen Utilities

4-Tier Microwave Shelf with Side Hooks for Kitchen Utilities | Image

SMILE MART’s 4-tier kitchen organizer, affectionately known as the “microwave stand cart, “ has been a game-changer for my busy kitchen. Its rolling 4-tire structure, crafted of a sturdy metal frame and premium thick particle board, allows me to easily rearrange the microwave, coffee maker, and other essentials without any hassle. The shelves’ multi-sized design lets me organize my go-to kitchen necessities, such as kitchenware and spice jars, all within reach. Plus, the coordinating grey color blends well with various styles, including rustic and industrial designs, adding a unique touch to my kitchen decor.

Though the assembling process was straightforward, I encountered a minor hiccup; some parts felt a bit flimsy. However, overall, the “microwave stand cart” has proven to be a helpful and aesthetically pleasing addition to my kitchen. I wholeheartedly recommend it for others seeking a well-rounded and stylish kitchen organizer.

Compact Microwave Cart with Drawer for Easy Storage

Compact Microwave Cart with Drawer for Easy Storage | Image

In my search for a stylish and functional storage solution for my small kitchen, I stumbled upon the Hodedah HIK77 Microwave Cart, Chocolate Grey. Initially intrigued by the cabinet’s spacious interior and stylish wood and metal construction, I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive when I stumbled upon conflicting reviews and low ratings.

Upon unboxing the product, I was pleasantly surprised to find everything intact, with no scratches or missing parts. I mustered up the courage and began assembling the cart, and with a little bit of common sense and a few wrong turns in the instructions, I managed to put everything together in no time.

Once assembled, I was impressed with the cart’s sleek design and seamless drawer glides that prevent the unit from tipping over. The microwave opening was the perfect size for my appliance, and I loved the additional storage space provided by the cabinet and the drawer. The added mobility from the built-in wheels was also a welcome touch.

However, there were a few issues that I encountered. Firstly, the instructions were not crystal clear, and I would advise future buyers to follow their installer’s expertise. Additionally, the presence of a strong chemical smell from the unit required some additional ventilation before it could be safely used.

In conclusion, despite some minor drawbacks, the Hodedah HIK77 Microwave Cart, Chocolate Grey was a worthwhile addition to my kitchen, offering both style and convenience.

Modern 3-Tier Microwave Storage Cart with S-Hooks for Kitchen Appliances

Modern 3-Tier Microwave Storage Cart with S-Hooks for Kitchen Appliances | Image

As someone who has been using the Mr Ironstone Baker’s Rack in my kitchen for the past few months, I must say I’m quite impressed with its versatility and functionality. The rolling wheels are a game-changer, allowing me to easily move it around the house based on my needs. The upper shelf is incredibly sturdy and has managed to hold my microwave, coffee maker, and toaster without any issues.

One feature that really stands out is the inclusion of S-shaped hooks on both sides of the rack. These hooks have made it incredibly convenient to hang various kitchen tools within easy reach. However, one area that could use some improvement is the locking mechanism for the wheels; a malfunctioning lock has caused the rack to unexpectedly roll away once or twice.

In summary, the Mr Ironstone Baker’s Rack is a reliable and modern addition to any kitchen. It offers ample storage space, versatility, and easy assembly and cleaning, all of which are crucial in a busy household. While there’s a minor issue with the locking wheels, it’s a minor setback in an otherwise great product.

Convenient Microwave Storage Cart for Small Kitchens

Convenient Microwave Storage Cart for Small Kitchens | Image

Step into your kitchen with the classy Hodedah Microwave Kitchen Cart Black-Beech. This versatile microwave cart provides a convenient and accessible way to store your small appliances like your microwave and toaster in a compact space. Perfect for small office and residential kitchens, the upper shelf is great for placing a coffee station. And let’s not forget about the enclosed cabinet space, which offers secure storage for your small appliances.

With Hodedah Microwave Cart, you’ll have a drawer at your disposal for keeping all your kitchen utensils organized. Made with durable engineered wood, it’s designed to hold up for years of use. No need to worry about the microwave cart’s movement; it’s equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability. Moreover, the locking casters allow you to securely position the microwave cart when needed.

The dimensions of this microwave cart are 45 in. H x 24 in. W x 15.75 in. D, which means it can be effortlessly accommodated into tight kitchen spaces. With customer satisfaction in mind, it has an appealing 2.9-star rating based on 595 reviews. A microwave shelf to make your kitchen living easier!

Kitchen Microwave Stand Storage Rack with Adjustable Leg Pads

Kitchen Microwave Stand Storage Rack with Adjustable Leg Pads | Image

I recently added the 3-tier kitchen baker’s rack to my collection of kitchen essentials, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my small apartment kitchen. The design is modern, simple, and elegant, fitting perfectly with my kitchen decor. It has been an excellent addition to my kitchen, saving me precious space while keeping everything organized and within reach.

One of the main features that stood out to me is the five little hooks, which make it easier to hang cooking tools like pots, pans, and utensils. The additional basket also comes in handy for storing fruits, vegetables, or small kitchen necessities. The adjustable leg pads ensure stability even on uneven floors, providing peace of mind while using the rack.

The heavy-duty, powder-coated metal materials used in the back x-shaped frame ensure sturdiness and durability, making it a long-lasting addition to my kitchen. The three-tier design allows for ample storage space, accommodating everything from toasters to spices and dishes. I truly appreciate the smooth surface of the MDF board and metal frame, which is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and skidding.

Despite its durability, the assembling process was a bit time-consuming, taking me over four hours to complete. However, the instructions were simple, and I managed to get through it with a little patience.

Overall, I’m really glad I stumbled upon this 3-tier kitchen baker’s rack. It has been an essential addition to my kitchen, keeping everything organized and saving me valuable space. While the assembly process could have been smoother, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience, making it a solid purchase for any kitchen.

FORABAMB Microwave Stand with Power Outlets & Hooks

FORABAMB Microwave Stand with Power Outlets & Hooks | Image

This versatile bakers rack, FORABAMB, is a must-have for any kitchen. Featuring power outlets, you can charge small appliances without any hassle. The rack’s 6-tier design provides ample storage space for spices, utensils, and more.

Constructed from bamboo, this sturdy and eco-friendly rack can be used not just in the kitchen but also as a coffee station or a printer stand in other rooms. Its compact size makes it perfect for any living space.

With simple assembly instructions and a 20-minute assembly time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this multifunctional bakers rack in no time.

ODK Bakers Rack with Power Outlet — 5-Tier Coffee Bar & Microwave Stand, Black

ODK Bakers Rack with Power Outlet - 5-Tier Coffee Bar & Microwave Stand, Black | Image

This kitchen rack is a 5-tier masterpiece, perfect for any home. Its sleek, modern style not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also helps keep it tidy and organized. The addition of a built-in power outlet ensures the convenience of placing your appliances without worrying about finding a nearby outlet.

Each tier is designed to provide ample storage space for your kitchenware. What’s more, the top double shelf even doubles as a decorative space to add life to your kitchen with plants and flowers. This rack’s sturdy and reliable structure ensures safe usage, making it an essential addition to any busy kitchen.

Plus, it’s not just limited to the kitchen, you can use it as a coffee stand or even a plant shelf in other parts of your home. Its floor mount and tiered shelf design allow you to place it anywhere you find suitable, maximizing your storage options and adapting to your individual needs. Overall, this kitchen rack is a must-have for those seeking convenience, organization, and style in their kitchen space.

Kitchen Standing Baker’s Rack with Microwave Shelf

Kitchen Standing Baker's Rack with Microwave Shelf | Image

As a proud owner of the Soges Kitchen Standing Baker’s Rack, I’ve experienced the convenience this rack brings to my everyday life in the kitchen. This ample-sized workstation, complete with five tier shelves, allows me to store a wide variety of kitchen appliances and accessories, making it an absolute game-changer in my kitchen space.

The rack’s rustic brown particle wood finish with a smooth finish feels high-quality, providing the reassurance that this is a durable and sturdy piece of furniture. The waterproof and anti-scratch features ensure it maintains its beauty for years to come. The high-quality metal frame added to the stand helps solidify its stability and provides peace of mind when placing various kitchen items on it.

One of my favorite aspects of this bakers rack is the adjustable feet on the bottom — they provide more support even on uneven floors. I truly appreciate this feature as it guarantees that all shelves remain at the same level and the rack is secure.

The different height shelving allowed for various storage possibilities, including storing toasters, spices, dishes, and even some of my kitchen appliances like a microwave and a coffee maker. This versatile storage solution has greatly improved the organization and functionality of my kitchen.

I would highly recommend this Soges Kitchen Standing Baker’s Rack to anyone looking for a functional and attractive addition to their kitchen. With a combination of its durable materials and multifunctional features, this rack is sure to bring a sense of order and convenience to any kitchen environment.

Industrial Microwave Stand with Versatile Shelving and Coffee Bar

Industrial Microwave Stand with Versatile Shelving and Coffee Bar | Image

The Rustic Brown Kitchen Bakers Rack has made a significant change in my kitchen’s organization. I’ve always struggled to find a suitable spot for my microwave, but now it sits perfectly on the sturdy top, freeing up counter space. The open shelf in the middle is ideal for storing snacks, while the drawer below keeps coffee essentials within reach.

The 4 wheels with 2 lockable casters make it easy to move around, making this the perfect addition for weekend brunches or outdoor gatherings. The waterproof and stain-resistant materials ensure that it’s easy to clean, and the adjustable feet provide stability. Overall, this versatile Kitchen Bakers Rack has become an indispensable part of my kitchen decor, serving both functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Industrial 8-Tier Microwave Stand with Power Outlets and Storage Shelves

Industrial 8-Tier Microwave Stand with Power Outlets and Storage Shelves | Image

I recently had the chance to try out Tribesigns Bakers Rack with Power Outlets, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for any busy kitchen. The handy power outlets were a lifesaver for charging my coffee maker and bread maker without dealing with messy socket wires. With its incredible capacity, I now have plenty of space for food prep, coffee making, and storing kitchen seasonings.

This bakers rack is built to last, thanks to its reinforced metal frame and premium particle board construction. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, I never have to worry about the microwave stand losing its stability over time. The versatile S-shaped hooks are a bonus, providing even more storage options for any kitchen essentials. Overall, this bakers rack has made my daily routine in the kitchen much more organized and efficient. Highly recommended!

Buyer’s Guide

A microwave shelf is a handy addition to any microwave oven, providing an extra platform for heating and cooking food. Not only does it help in organizing the countertop, but it also makes food preparation more convenient and efficient. However, with numerous options available in the market, choosing the right microwave shelf can be challenging. In this section, we will discuss the essential features to look for, factors to consider, and some general advice to help you make an informed decision when selecting a microwave shelf.

Important Features to Look for

When purchasing a microwave shelf, consider the following features to ensure it meets your requirements and expectations. These features will enable you to use the microwave shelf more efficiently and safely, and also make the shelf durable and long-lasting. 1. Material: Choose a microwave shelf made from materials such as glass, ceramic, or heat-resistant plastic that can withstand microwave radiation and high temperatures. 2. Size and Shape: Consider the size and shape of your microwave oven and the available countertop space when selecting the right size and shape of the microwave shelf. 3. Heating Capability: Look for a microwave shelf with heating capabilities, as it provides added convenience and efficiency when heating food items. 4. Design and Aesthetics: Select a microwave shelf that complements your kitchen decor and is easy to clean and maintain.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a microwave shelf, consider the following factors to ensure it meets your needs and preferences. These factors will help you make the best decision for your kitchen and lifestyle. 1. Frequency of Use: Determine how often you will be using the microwave shelf and choose one that can handle the frequency and volume of food items you plan to heat. 2. Safety: Ensure the microwave shelf is designed to prevent accidents, such as spills or overheating. Look for shelves with non-slip surfaces, drip trays, and heat-resistant handles. 3. Maintenance: Choose a microwave shelf that is easy to clean and maintain. Look for ones with removable or dishwasher-safe parts, such as cups and trays. 4. Versatility: Consider microwave shelves with additional features, such as adjustable height settings or compartments for holding condiments and utensils.

General Advice

Here are some general tips to help you choose the right microwave shelf for your kitchen. 1. Read Reviews: Check out customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase to get an idea of the product’s performance and durability. 2. Compare Prices: Compare prices of different models and brands to ensure you get the best value for your money. 3. Consult the Expert: Ask your dealer or microwave oven manufacturer for recommendations on the best microwave shelf for your specific microwave oven model. 4. Test It Out: Test the microwave shelf for size, compatibility, and ease of use before purchasing.

Selecting the right microwave shelf can make a significant difference in your food preparation process. Consider the important features, factors, and general advice discussed in this buyer’s guide section to help you make an informed decision when choosing a microwave shelf. With the right microwave shelf, your kitchen will be more organized, efficient, and convenient for all your heating and cooking needs.


What is a microwave shelf?

A microwave shelf is an add-on accessory designed to increase the capacity and versatility of a microwave oven. It provides additional space to accommodate extra dishes, containers, or cooking utensils while allowing for better organization and efficient use of the microwave’s interior space. The shelf typically comes with adjustable height settings and can be easily installed or repositioned as needed.

Microwave shelves are available in different materials such as plastic, metal, or heat-resistant materials. Some models may feature removable trays, safety locks, or handles for easier use and handling. They are generally affordable and widely available in various retail stores and online platforms.

How does a microwave shelf work?

Microwave shelves work by utilizing the microwave radiation generated by the oven to heat food placed on the shelf. The shelf is typically made of materials that do not interfere with or absorb the microwave energy, allowing for even heating and cooking of the contents within the container or dish placed on it. The shelf’s main function is to provide extra space and organization for cooking or reheating foods within the microwave oven.

Some microwave shelves may come with features like a safety lock or handles to prevent accidental tipping or spills during use. To install a microwave shelf, simply place it on the designated rack or shelf within the microwave oven, ensuring it is securely positioned and can support the weight of the containers and food items.

What are the benefits of using a microwave shelf?

Using a microwave shelf offers several benefits, including increased storage capacity and more efficient use of the microwave oven’s interior space. It also allows for better organization and easier access to the contents being heated or cooked. This can be particularly useful for large families or those who regularly use the microwave to prepare meals or snacks.

Moreover, microwave shelves can help prevent spills and messes by providing a raised surface for containers or dishes to sit on while heating. This can also make it easier to clean the microwave oven since spills are less likely to occur on the shelf rather than directly on the oven floor. Additionally, certain microwave shelves may include handles or safety locks for added convenience and safety during use.

What materials are microwave shelves made of?

Microwave shelves are typically made of materials that do not absorb or interfere with the microwave radiation generated by the oven. Some common materials used for microwave shelves include plastic, metal, and heat-resistant materials such as silicone or ceramic. These materials are generally lightweight, durable, and designed to withstand the heat generated by the microwave oven.

Plastic microwave shelves are often the most affordable option, while metal shelves may provide better heat distribution and durability. Heat-resistant materials like silicone or ceramic can be more expensive but offer superior heat resistance and are less prone to scratching or warping over time. It is essential to choose a microwave shelf made of materials that are safe for use in a microwave oven and labeled as microwave-safe.

How do I clean a microwave shelf?

To clean a microwave shelf, wait for it to cool down completely after use. Then, gently remove the shelf from the microwave oven and inspect it for any spills or residue. If there are any spills or residue, use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with warm, soapy water to wipe the shelf clean. Avoid using abrasive materials or high-pressure water, as these may scratch or damage the surface of the shelf.

For tougher stains or burnt-on food particles, you can mix a small amount of baking soda or vinegar with warm water to form a cleaning solution. Apply the solution to the affected area using a soft cloth or sponge, and gently scrub the area with a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water, and let the shelf air dry before re-installing it in the microwave oven.

Can microwave shelves be used in combination microwave ovens?

Yes, microwave shelves can be used in combination microwave ovens as long as they are microwave-safe and compatible with the available rack space. Combination microwave ovens typically have multiple functions, including convection or grilling capabilities, so it is essential to ensure that the microwave shelf does not obstruct any of the oven’s features or create any safety hazards during use.

When using a microwave shelf in a combination microwave oven, be mindful of the adjustable height settings and ensure that the shelf remains securely in place during heating or cooking. Additionally, if your combination microwave oven has a rotating turntable, you may need to remove or reposition the shelf to accommodate it.

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